First Exhibit of Bird Photographs

The prints are 12×12” They are mounted in custom-made wood frames 13.25” square. The Night Heron Tryptic is 11×22″

Hot out of the printer at IO Labs in East Providence, RI

Gallery at Four, Tiverton, RI  December through January 2020

A year ago I became obsessed with photographing birds. It was the beginning of my first winter season living on Sakonnet Point. I had never been interested in watching or photographing birds but one November morning when I was walking the dogs and there where a couple of Great Blue Herons standing in the road blocking our way. The next day I brought my camera with me. The herons were back flying around Round Pond and one point I counted 9. I was amazed at the details the camera captured of these big, slow, graceful birds! Moments the human eye cannot see, frozen at 1/1000 of a second. Suddenly the landscape I had been walking through daily with the dogs became a much more interesting and beautiful place.
After a year of obsessively photographing the birds around Little Compton, I have put together a collection of bird prints for an exhibit at Gallery Four in Tiverton as part of a year-end group show titled Enchantment and Hope that included several local artists including Gretchen Dow Simpson, and Anthony Russo. It is exciting to see these photographs up on a wall after seeing them on a screen for so long!

Please email me for more information about bird prints:
Link to bird photographs on my website:

After opening night, love the red dots.

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