Optimism in Providence

On January 5th I had the great honor of photographing the inauguration events for the new Mayor of Providence, Jorge Elorza. Working with my assistant, John Tavares, we documented the day’s events from the swearing-in ceremony to the inaugural party.

20150105_678As I followed Jorge Elorza throughout the day I kept thinking about what he had already accomplished in his life. Elorza, whose parents immigrated to Rhode Island from Guatemala, attended Providence public schools, then URI, followed by Harvard Law School. I was witnessing the “American Dream”; what an inspiring role model Elorza is for the young and the old.

Through the camera I was capturing the events as they unfolded during the day but in my mind I was also thinking about the past and the future. I was witnessing more than just the Inauguration of a new Mayor. City hall had changed. The city was changing. A new wave of ethnic minorities were now settling and thriving in Rhode Island.

Taking in the crowd before the ceremonies get underway                Out-going Mayor Angel Taveras makes a surprise visit
20150105_221020150105_753Judge Darigan, Jr. giving the Oath of Office                                    Mom & Dad Elorza


20150105_1311 The Mayor’s vision of One Providence is realized at the Inaugural Celebration at the Armory
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