A Morning at Wishing Stone Farm

The other day I spent the morning at Wishing Stone Farm in Little Compton, RI, which my wife and I buy organic produce from almost every week of the year.  It was a Wednesday, so the morning was spent gathering and preparing for the Farmers Market in Providence later that afternoon.


The farm works fields sprinkled throughout Little Compton, so harvesting involves short drives from field to field with baskets, gathering the variety of crops.



Back at the farm the vegetables are sorted and cleaned and repacked for the market.



Liz hand picks her favorites

20140827_371-2 20140827_445-2Chickens spend the day socializing. They live in a movable building that resembles a train caboose.

20140827_413-2 20140827_416

20140827_485 20140827_502By noon the truck is loaded up for the trip to the market in Providence.

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