Alden Restoration


Two years ago, after living in the Ocean State for 25 years, I learned how to sail. I took sailing classes at the Community Boating Center in Providence I was immediately hooked. I sailed with friends in Providence and also started crewing with the Alden fleet in Sakonnet during their summer Saturday races.

The original Alden “Sakonnet Class” was built in 1939. In the 1930’s it was common to have a class of sailboats designed and built for the unique sailing conditions of a yacht club. RI native John Alden designed and built the Sakonnet Class with a heavy wooden hull, deep keel and high freeboard to make them fun and stable for the big swells around Sakonnet Point.


The constant care and maintenance required of these classic wooden sailboats is a labor of love. Over this winter I’ve been documenting the restoration work of the “Cutty Wow,” taking place at Mt Hope Boatworks in Newport.  The work is being overseen by Jim Titus, and Alden master craftsman, Jeff Szala.



Chet Kason is pictured here rebuilding the deck of the boat.


Watch this space for more of the Alden story.

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